The functions of the Centre Include:
•    Support NDC in the conduct of research, documentation and publication of research findings.
•    Serve as a think-tank for the College, the three services and the nation in the area of defence, security and military science.
•    Carry out research and training programmes in relevant areas of interest to national development.
•    Organise regular seminars, workshops, dialogue sessions and conferences on topical issues that are of interest to security and defence in Nigeria, Africa and the world at large.
•    Provide a good training ground for civilian and military personnel going for peacekeeping management and diplomatic operations.
•    Monitor events and developments around the world, which affect the security of Nigeria in particular, and Africa at large.
•    Participate in collaboration with regional and continental organisations (like ECOWAS, SADC, IGAD, AU among others), on relevant issues of defence, security and peacekeeping.
•    Collaborate and network with similar institutions within and outside the country in areas of research and training.
•    Provide internship and visiting fellowship for scholars.
•    Raise funds to meet research requirements.
•    Publish and disseminate its research findings in journals, books and any other acceptable medium that would receive wide circulation.
•    Serve as organ for coordination of strategic level peacekeeping training and research in West Africa.