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Small Arms Survey/NDC Regional…



The National Defence College (NDC), in conjunction ECOWAS and Small Arms Survey, Geneva, is organizing a 3-day Training Course on “Weapons and Ammunition Management in Peace Support Operations”, from Tues 5 Nov – Thurs 7 Nov, 2019. This Regional Course is aimed at enhancing the evidence base for reform efforts and to help assess the efficacy of improved practices for weapons/ammunition management and collection in West Africa.


This Course, is in continuation of the institutional partnership between Small Arms Survey and the NDC, and in recognition of the NDC’s role as the ECOWAS Centre for Excellence in Strategic Peace Support Operations Training, Small Arms Survey, Geneva, has requested the NDC, through its Centre for Strategic Research and Studies (CSRS) to host this Course.


The request is predicated on the long-standing Institutional partnership between , Geneva and the NDC. In recent times, both Institutions have been working together to help promote and build a collaborative agenda, with the United Nations, regional organizations (like the ECOWAS), to reduce the diversion of arms and ammunition from peace operations. This is geared towards improving practices to manage both contingent-owned equipment as well as recovered materiel. Thus far, working together, both Institutions have been able to set out ideas for designing training modules for strengthening these practices. The Pilot Course will therefore seek to operationalize and test some of these modules.

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