Mary Kester International Children’s Home (MKICH), is a non-political, non-religious, non-ethnic and non-profit making Association.

Membership of the Association is open to all who are screened and vouched for, to be of good character and known to be interested in the aims and aspirations of the Association. And such a person shall be selected in accordance with the practice and conventions of the Association, which includes:

Membership is open to every responsible individual, irrespective of his state, tribe and religion.
Membership shall be strictly on merit, after screening.

->The general house shall conduct the screening exercise, on meeting day
-> The candidates(s) shall produce at least, two referees who are member of the Association and are financially up-to-date.
-> Membership shall be renewed every year.


Honourary Membership:
Honourary membership shall be conferred on any non member, assessed worthy by virtue of his/her contributions to the progress of the Association and the society at large.


An intending member must purchase a Mary Kester International Children’s Home (MKICH),. Membership for, with a non-refundable fee of five hundred naira only (N500. 00) from the secretary general of the Association at any meeting.

The form must be correctly filled by the intending members(s) and returned to the secretary general on that same meeting day, where a general house screening will be conducted. The outcome of the screening, if satisfactory and approved shall be communicated to the intending members(s) by the Director of information, before the next meeting, where the intending members(s) will now bring the under mentioned requirements at that meeting for proper registration.

A screened, qualified and admitted candidate shall register officially in the Associations enrolment register with the following:
Registration fee of Five Hundred Naira (N500.00) only
Two passport photograph and
A written statement of his/her vision for Orphans and vulnerable children.