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Department of Defence and Security Studies (DDSS)

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Department of Defence and Security Studies (DDSS)

Dr Danladi Elvis Bot, Head of Department

The contemporary international landscape since the end of the Cold War and the advent of the Twenty First Century, have significantly been altered by ‘various security realities especially since the September 11, 2001 assault on the World Trade Centre in New York. These have awakened the consciousness of the international community, particularly member states of the United Nations, to the need for concerted actions in defence of their national and shared security interests.

The increasing process of globalization has led to the emergence of a more interdependent world, where threats emanating from one state can almost instantaneously affect the security of another state. The process of globalisation has altered the security landscape and given rise to new security threats. The seriousness of this challenge is reflected in the new threats that are now emanating from asymmetric forces like terrorism and transnational organised crimes. However, defence does not necessarily mean the ultimate use of hard or military power or force alone. The ability to apply “soft” power without flexing military strength, could also be an effective tool for achieving a nation’s strategic objectives in an emerging global society.

It is as a result of the above development, that the establishment of the Department of Defence arid Security Studies (DDSS) became necessary. The focus of the Department, is to intellectually engage with the evolving defence and security challenges, with particular focus on their implications for Nigeria and Africa at large.