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Department of Science and Technology (DST)

Recent developments in science and technology, in particular the dramatic advancements in Information and Communication Technology (lCT), have triggered significant and revolutionary changes in many areas of society. It is well known that technology rides with the globalization of economies, while innovative science provides insights and approaches to development and helps leap-frog rather than follow the trodden path. Thus, it is important to create a strong edifice of research in science and technology to guarantee the long-term technological competitiveness and security of Nigeria.

In this regard, the Department of Science and Technology (DST) is designed to engage in rigorous research and studies in science and technology to promote and strengthen national security in Nigeria and across Africa. Indeed, the issue of insecurity has been the scourge of most African countries, including Nigeria. However, science and technology innovations, which involve the use of ICT, industrial technology, agriculture, medical science, etc, have tremendous potential which could be leveraged upon to change the situation, including the transformation of the rural economy through the provision of skills and upgrading of traditional technologies for the benefit of national security.