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5–Day Hands–On Training On Cyber Security And Digital Forensics Held at NDC

Giving the enormous benefits brought about by digitization and development in internet technologies, individuals, businesses, organizations among others, depend heavily on such technologies to enhance efficiency and improve overall quality of life. However, as these technologies grow, new forms of criminal activities known as cybercrimes emerge. Unfortunately, cybercrimes are sophisticated and difficult to trace and investigate. Prosecution of cyber criminals without reliable and accurate data and skills is very difficult. Consequently, cybercrimes pose huge challenges to individuals, businesses, organizations, and governments alike and therefore bothers on national security. It also poses challenges to law enforcers in curtailing cyber security threats due to the dynamic nature of cyber crime.



In view of the effects of cyber security threats on national security in the Country, Nigeria recently reviewed its Cyber Security Strategy Policy and Framework. To further strengthen the efforts of government in enhancing cyber security in Nigeria, it is pertinent to deliver a practical cyber security and digital forensics training for officers and staff members of the AFN, ministries, departments and agencies of government in Nigeria to enhance security of Nigerian organizations in the cyber space. To this end, the Department of Science and Technology, Centre for Strategic Research and Studies (CSRS), National Defence College (NDC) in collaboration with Cyesec Technologies Limited conducted a hands-on training on Cyber Security and Digital Forensics. The training was held in Abacha Hall, National Defence College Abuja from 16-20 August 2021.

At the end of the intensive 5 days hands-on training, participants were exposed to the knowledge and skills needed to mitigate cyber threats. Amongst the plethora of skills gained include techniques to avoid cyber attacks; vulnerability assessment; penetration testing; data recovery methods using forensic tools; and techniques of forensic investigation. The skills gained in the training will be highly beneficial to the participants in protecting their personal and organizational websites, networks, as well as ensuring efficient data security and management. This will in turn promote safe digital experience in Nigeria thereby ensuring national security in Nigeria.