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NDC Legacy Information

Permanent information about NDC

College Library

The Library of the National Defence College (NDC) Nigeria was established in 1992 to cater for the research and information needs of the Course Participants, Faculty Members and research fellows within and outside the College. As a “Special Library”, the collections are mostly on Military

The Faculty

The Faculty is comprised of the Deputy Commandant who also doubles as the Director of Studies (DOS), the Directors of various Directorates and the Directing Staff (DS). The Deputy Commandant assists the Commandant in the day-to-day running of the College. He is responsible for the

Past Commandants

1. Lt Gen JT Useni fss psc mni 01 Sep 1990 – 08 Sep 1992 2. Lt Gen DO Diya DSS mss mni 09 Sep 1992 – 17 Sep 1993 3. Maj Gen AA Abubakar DSS mss mni 20 Sep 1993 – 23 Nov 1993


  The course curriculum is designed such that participants are faced with a variety of problems for which there are no College template solutions. Participants are encouraged to consider and challenge their own intellectual assumptions and standpoints about the nature of war, peace, leadership, politics,