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Centre for Strategic Research and Studies Presents Seminar Papers On Strengthening National Resilience Capabilities

A Sabbatical Fellow at the Centre for Strategic Research and Studies (CSRS) National Defence College (NDC), Professor Kyawta Tanyigna has presented seminar paper on: Strengthening National Resilience Capabilities in Nigeria. The NDC Steering Group Seminar Paper with the aim to contribute to National development was presented to NDC Course 30 Participants in Abuja, recently.


Among the recommendations by the panel of discussants which have Navy Commodore AC Uko and Dr OO Nwankwo; that

  1. Nigeria to develop a national ideology/philosophy to complement the national pledge and national anthem in order to strengthen Nigeria’s cohesion as a key prerequisite of national resilience.
  2. Federal and State Governments to increase funding in Science and Technology infrastructures that can be used to monitor and curb all treats to national resilience amidst others.

In his closing remarks, NDC Commandant, Rear Admiral OB Daji, who supported the call for National Resilience to curb insecurity challenges in Nigeria, also solicited for equally distribution of infrastructural development to forestall uprising in the land. Rear Admiral Daji also commended the effort of the Paper Presenter along with the discussants, therefore promised on behalf of the College, as the highest military training institution to continue to show- case useful seminar papers that would turn the country around for good.