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Deputy Commandant Visits USA And Jamaica

The Deputy Commandant and the Director of Studies, National Defence College (NDC), Nigeria, Major General Peter Dauke, recently embarked on a Geo Strategic World Study Tour to the United States of America and Jamaica. The Deputy Commandant embarked on the tour with Participants of NDC Course 27 as part of the College academic programme.



The objectives of the tour were to enhance the participants understanding of international politics and how this impact on nation states; analyse the dynamics of the geopolitical relationship; strengthen participants’ appreciation of crucial issues of geopolitical, social and economic importance on the global scene and how these impact on Nigerian’s national security and development; guide participants in their understanding of specific themes of the countries they visit and also understand the bilateral relationship between those countries and Nigeria.


This year’s study had the participants divided into 10 countries to visit 20 countries across the globe. In order to ensure that the objectives of the tour were met, the Deputy Commandant visited the team in USA and Jamaica. In USA, Major General Dauke and the team visited Pentagon, US Army War College Pennsylvania, National Defence University and the Institute of World Politics in Washington. In Jamaica, he accompanied the team to the Caribbean Institute of Professional Military Education, Caribbean Special Tactics Centre, Caribbean Maritime University, Institute of Jamaica, Jamaican Defence Forces Headquarters and the Hope Programme Centre.



The Deputy Commandant reiterated the objectives of the study tour in the places visited and urged the NDC participants in the team to be attentive in order to ensure that the objectives and specific theme of the tour was realized. He further thanked the host countries for their hospitality support towards ensuring that the objectives of the tour were met.

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