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Graduation Activities – Sports’ Day

As part of the activities lined-up for the graduation of NDC Course 23 Participants, Faculty Members and NDC Staff engaged the graduating Participants in series of sporting events held on 1 August 2015 at Aguiyi Ironsi Barracks.

Some of the sporting activities competed for were Football, Volleyball, Tennis, Basketball, Tug-of-War, Table Tennis, etc.

The Commandant’s Team comprising of Faculty Members and other NDC Staff was adjudged the overall winner of the day after defeating the Participants’ Team in most of the sport events.



The Commandant, Rear Admiral NP Agholor (center) jubilating after his Team

won the overall sporting events – Winners’ Trophy presented by the representative

of the Chief of Naval Staff





The Commandants’ Team displaying the Hall of Trophy gathered after the sporting event





Winner’s Trophy being presented to the Captain of the

Commandant’s Football Team, Mr Adewale Adegoke





Participants’ Team in high spirit just before the start of the sporting events – dancing

ochestrated by the only female Participants on the Course





Participants’ Team in high spirit before the kick-off of the sporting events





Participants’ Team display Hall of Trophy gathered after the events






Scrabble players





Squash and Badminton players





Table Tennis Players





Tennis player on display




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