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NDC Nigeria Embarks On Geo-Strategic World Tour

The 2018 Geo-Strategic World Study Tour for participants of NDC course 26 to selected countries across the globe will take place between 12-26 May 2018. There are a total of 20 countries to be visited where each team is to visit 2 countries within the selected countries for the period of the tour. The selected 10 counties for the first segment include; Angola, Australia, Argentina, Botswana, Brazil, India. Others are Jordan, South Korea, Tunisia and Venezuela. While the selected 10 countries for the second segment of the tour includes, Brunei, China, Cuba, Finland, Indonesia, Ireland. Others are Morocco, Nepal, Trinidad & Tabago and Turkey.


The visit is part of the College’s academic schedule to evaluate transnational and international factors that shape policy and strategy in selected regions. Hence the divergent academic themes assigned to each syndicate for the derivable economic, social, political and technological benefits to the nation. The tour is executed to achieve the objectives of the theoretical teachings of Block 6, which is international affairs and regional studies including world study tour.


A total of 136 participants of the National Defence College course 26 are expected to make an erudite presentation at the end of the Strategic World Tour to buttress their findings in respective countries visited.  

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