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NDC to Hold a Seminar Themed “The Future of Global Peace Support Operations”

The National Defence College Module 8 (EX-Carana) is a scenario-based exercise intended to review the AU mission planning process at the strategic level and introduce Participants to the integrated mission planning process. It is against this background that a seminar on Future of Global Peace Support Operations (PSOs) will be undertaken, in order to provide a platform that will enable the participants come up with measures and strategies that will improve Global and Regional PSOs.

The UN General Assembly notes that development in PSO has declined in about 10 countries globally which calls for alarm. Hence, the seminar is borne out from the emergence of burning contemporary issues which poses limitations on the operations of Peacekeeping and the uncertainty of the safety of peacekeepers alongside the attainment of its objectives. To this end, there is need to revisit the strategies and the need for urgent intervention.

The Action for Peace (A4P) initiative which was launched in 2018 focused on strengthening the peacekeeping of today and remains a central framework for peacekeeping as well as reform. As the highest military institution in Nigeria and a Training Centre of Excellence for ECOWAS, NDC position on the Future of PSO is projected through this High-level Seminar.