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Workshop to promote women’s network/association within the security sectors institutions

In an effort to strengthen and expand the role of women in the security sector, a dedicated workshop will be held to focus on the development of women’s networks within security institutions. The National Defence College (NDC), through the Centre for Strategic Research and Studies (CSRS), with funding support from the UN Women, is conducting the second phase of the project titled, “Enchancing Gender-Responsive Security Operations and Community Dialogue project in Nigeria (phase II)”. It is in this light, that the CSRS, NDC will be hosting a Two-day Workshop to promote women’s networks and associations within Security Sector Institutions taking place from 22 -23 May 2024.

The workshop aims to provide participants with essential skills and knowledge to effectively support and advocate for the needs and contributions of women in security roles. Key topics will include leadership development, community engagement, policy advocacy, and creating supportive environments for women within the sector. This workshop is a significant step towards promoting gender equality in the security sector and ensuring that the contributions of women are recognized and valued. By empowering the wives associations, we aim to foster a more inclusive and supportive environment that benefits both the security sector and the broader community.

This workshop is part of an ongoing series of initiatives aimed at enhancing the role of women in security institutions, reflecting a commitment to gender equality and the empowerment of all members of the security community.