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Gender Training for The Security Sector Institutions

The UN Resolution 1325 was a landmark resolution that sort to address the issue of women in all facet of life including peace, security, and governance among others. However, the resolution affirmed the inclusion of gender parity in conflict prevention, conflict resolution and peace support operations (PSO). Being a signatory to the UNSCR 1325, Nigeria has had two national action plans (NAP) from 2013-2017. All these are expected to have bearing on the operational conduct of Nigeria’s security institutions. Furthermore, the Armed Forces recently launched the Armed Forces Gender Policy to incorporate gender concerns into its operations.

It is based on this that the National Defence College (NDC), through the Centre of Strategic Research and Studies (CSRS), would be conducting a Gender Training for the Security Sector Institutions in Nigeria. The training will be delivered with funding support from the UN Women and will hold in NDC from 8-10 June 2021. The Department of Conflict, Peace-Keeping & Humanitarian Studies (DCPHS) will be the anchor department for the delivery of the training. The Course is expected to enhance the knowledge and capacity of participants on gender mainstreaming, inclusion, sensitivity and responsiveness across Nigeria’s defence and security sector.