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NDC Orgarnizes Seminar on Science and Technology for National Security

The National Defence College Nigeria, organised a day seminar on “Science and Technology for National Security” for Course 27 participants at the College’s auditorium on Tuesday 13 November 2018. The seminar was a continuation of programmes lined up for the academic activities for Course 27 participants. Resource persons that featured in the seminar include, Professor Val Ekechukwu, Dean Faculty of Engineering University of Nigeria, Nsukka with a seminar paper titled, “Research and Development in the Armed Forces of Nigeria-Lesson from the Regional perspective “. He was the lead presenter. Air Vice Marshal Jomo Osahor, the Director General, Research and Development Bureau, Defence Headquarters and Professor Emmanuel Ezugwu, the Provost Air Force Institute of Technology , Nigerian Air Force were discussants.


Rear Admiral Adeniyi Osinowo asserted that the seminar will give the participants an insight into the rudiment of research and development as it affects national security in Nigeria. Going through history lane, the Commandant maintained that human race has transited from one development to the other and that today’s generation has not seen destructions when compared to the happenings during the era of the 2 world wars as revealed in history. ‘’Where thousands of soldiers would be lost in a day”, he said.


Similarly, the Commandant confessed that in today’s generation cloning has the power to destroy almost everything the world is having as value, making everything become so minimal. In the mix of this, Rear Admiral Osinowo observed that the world is being confronted with various threats that are asymmetrical in nature, in form of terrorism and many others. However, he affirmed that with the application of research and development, the armed forces, regional and national governments are confronting these threats decisively.

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