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Dr Gani Joses Yoroms, Phd


Dr. Yoroms,    Gani Joses, is currently Chief Research Fellow with the Department of Defence and Security Studies, Centre for Strategic Research and Studies at the National Defence College Nigeria. He holds a Bachelors degree in International Studies at the Ahmadu Bello University, Nigeria (1985) M. Sc Political Science, University of Ibadan (1987) and a PhD Political Science, Ahmadu Bello University Zaria (2002). He served as Head of Department of Defence and Security Studies from 2005 -2013 when he voluntarily resigned to concentrate on his academic work.

He was a Visiting Scholar at the prestigious Watson Institute of International Studies, Brown University, Rhode Island, USA and has also been to the University of Wits, South Africa where he got a certificate in Defence Management. In 2011 he attended the Defence in Wider Security Management Course (DWSMC) at the UK Defence Academy/Canfield University. He was instrumental in working with the Friedrich Ebert Stiftung for the establishment of the West African Network on Security and Democratic Governance in West Africa (WANSED) and the Nigeria Network on Security and Democratic Governance (NINSED).

Dr Yoroms was also one of the regional experts that developed and harmonized the concept for the deployment of peacekeeping forces to Mali under AFISMA and has been involved in teaching and research at the National Defence College, Abuja. He was also one of the experts involved in working with the African Union for the development of African Standby Force, with Kofi Annan International Peace Training Centre (KAIPTC), Accra, Ghana for developing a synergy between security sector Reform and Protection of Civilians in Peace support Operations.

His area of research interests is on International Relations and Comparative Politics with focus on Security, Conflict, Defence and Development studies ;  civil-military Relations, Security Sector Reform, Regional Security integration and social Formations in Africa. He is currently the Editor of African Strategic Review, a policy journal of National Defence College Nigeria; and the African Foreign Affairs Journal publish by the Adonis Publishers London.

DR Yoroms has served as a member of the Nigerian Vision 2020 Security Thematic Group in 2009

He has travelled widely around the world especially USA, Vietnam, Austria, Switzerland, Sweden, Norway, North Korea, Germany, UK, West Africa, Lesotho, South Africa, Egypt, India, Greece and Morocco among others .He has published in books and journals, both local and international. His email contacts are: yoromsgani@ndc  and




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