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Research Fellows


Danladi E Bot

Danladi E Bot, holds a Masters degree in International Relations Strategic Studies from the University of Jos. He is a Research Fellow and heads the Security Sector unit at the Department of Defense and Security Studies, African Centre for Strategic Research and Studies, National Defense College, Nigeria, Abuja. He has participated in and/or facilitated several projects, prominent among which are: Survey of Conflicts in Nigeria (1997-1999); the Challenges project, Abuja Seminar (2004); and the pioneer Course for Senior UN Mission Leaders Course, organized by the UNDPKO and National Defense College, Nigeria in April 2005. He has also been involved in several capacity building and Community Development initiatives for the Office of Transition Initiatives (OTI) of the United States Agency for International Development (USAID). At various times, he has acted as a facilitator and evaluator of several OTI/USAID programme/projects pertaining to the involvement of youth and children in violent conflict. A political scientist, he is a member of the Nigerian Political Science Association and the Nigerian Society of International Affairs (NSIA). Mr. Bot has also published in learned journals and books. He can be contacted at:



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